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In Memory of Our Dear Seamstress Rosalba (1941-2023)

"The Seamstress with the Golden Hands," a mainstay at Angel Bridals for over three decades. We miss you and love you!

Welcome to Angel Bridals! Here are just a few hints to make your visit more enjoyable:

Looking for a formal, but simple wedding gown?

Don’t forget to look at informal wedding gowns. We can always add a train, or you can wear a cathedral veil to change the look.

Looking for an informal?

Don’t forget to look at the simple formals. Trains can always be removed. Look at mother’s dresses, as many are available in ivory, and most bridesmaids dresses are available in white or ivory.

Don’t discard a dress because it has a feature you don’t want or a doesn’t have a feature you want

Most often, these features can be removed or added. Just be sure to explain to your consultant what it is you’re looking for. We listen!

Mothers Dresses

  • We have all styles. Tailored, ball gowns, simple, beaded, and suits.
  • We have houses that will customize for us. Again, tell us exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Looking for very simple? Look at bridesmaids dresses. They are available in many colors, and an elegant shawl or a little beading can give the dress an entirely different look.
  • Already have your dress, and now you’re second guessing yourself? Bring it in and try it on for us. Sometimes just a little nip and tuck is needed for you to really love it!


  • If you want everyone in the same dress, consider the biggest girl in your party. If she’s comfortable, the whole party will look great. Girls with a D cup or larger will look better in a bra with straps for support. Choose a dress with a wide strap or full shoulder. Even a strapless dress can get a wide strap added to cover a bra strap.
  • Someone pregnant or trying to get pregnant? Cover all bases. Let everyone choose a dress they are comfortable with (same color, fabric, and company) or choose empire dresses that are easy to lift from the waist.
  • Go for the extra length if the bridesmaid is over 5’10”. It’s $15 well spent.
  • Sleeves can be added to full-shouldered dresses for $30 to $50 plus the cost of fabric. We can sometimes use hem fabric from the shortest bridesmaid’s dress.