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In Memory of Our Dear Seamstress Rosalba (1941-2023)

"The Seamstress with the Golden Hands," a mainstay at Angel Bridals for over three decades. We miss you and love you!

To all Friends, Family, Clients, and Business Associates:


We have a problem on Long Island. As an advocate for small businesses and being a small business for over 23 years, this is a program we’re promoting on Long Island.

Let’s see who’s really interested in helping small businesses on Long Island. This is called the 50/3. It has been promoted around the country and has been very successful in building and maintaining small businesses in your community. Let’s see if we can get everyone interested in this.

Here is how it works. Pick a minimum of three small businesses and spend at least $50 per month in those three businesses. These businesses could be your local deli, hardware store, bridal store, hair salon, barber shop, bakery, local computer store, dry cleaner, bagel shop, local ice cream store, car wash, local clothing store, local jewelry store, or health and vitamin stores to name a few. Make sure you spend $50 at three locations.

Please send this to everyone on your Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail list. Have them respond back to you that they started it and will continue. If we can get 1 million people to do this every month on Long Island, that is $150 million in revenue to small businesses. This will create jobs locally and support Long Islanders that really need the support, especially after Hurricane Sandy.

Remember to let us know you have started on this and please repost and send. We already have this moving quickly on Facebook. Long Island really needs the help. Small businesses are down 80% after Sandy. Large box stores will survive. So through your holiday shopping over the next weeks, really think about where you spend your money… small businesses will really appreciate it.


With wishes for a wonderful holiday season!
Rosemary & Vicki